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Personalisation – what’s that all about?

Traditionally, many health and social care services have been produced on a large scale to serve the ‘typical’ needs of the population.

Whilst this is ok if you fit the ‘typical’ characteristics its more problematic if your needs are different to the majority and if you need to receive a service in a particular way. In recognition of this need the UK government is keen to develop Self Directed Support (SDS) otherwise known as personalised services.

This means that in future more and more people with significant health and social care needs will potentially be provided with an opportunity to access a personal budget – providing they meet the eligibility criteria.

Through the process of support planning and assessment a personal budget will allow individuals to design and purchase tailored support packages that help meet their needs and achieve what is important to them. At Headway Derby we offer services to support brain injured people with a personal budget in a way that makes sense to them. Please contact us if you would like to know more about how we can help.