July Newsletter

Headway New’s Update



Sarah the manager is leaving next week to take another job, she said how much she will miss all the Member’s & Staff.


1.      Member’s expressed how surprised they were at the New’s & how they will miss her.  Michele & other members have made card’s for her (good idea Michele)

2.     Thanks you to Reg (Phil’s Dad) who has made us some domino stands to help Sean & other who enjoy the game.

3.     Groups Exercises


Wimbledon Quiz

4.     93 year’s old Volunteer Mrs Guilfoyle continues to make pies & cakes & is providing the picnic for Tuesday 17th to Holliston Forrest.  There will be a choice of Sandwiches as when we went to Carsington Water.

5.     Gardening Group

Ruth, Joy R, Colin, Joe, Brian & Micheal C, visited the garden Fri 29th we set out flower plants, Colin planted chilly & pepper plants in his raised bed.  Joe & Brian - sorted tomato plants, Mike weeded the main bed, there are a lot of Weeds.

We have a good crop of gooseberries, Joy picked some & members guessed their weight - answer 4½ pounds

Kathy & David D topped & tailed them.  Mrs G will make us a pie with them, Colin friendly Robin is still searching for warms.

The Rhubarb Jam we made with the machine was not a success - it was very runny!

Fri 6th - too wet to garden!

6.     Phil won a Bread Maker in the raffle at the coffee morning, his Dad has used it & say’s it makes nice Bread.

7.     Claire & Joy R, will be doing the “Race for Life” in Darley Park on Sunday July 15th for Cancer Research - hope it does not rain.


From Joy (volunteer) & Dave Butler (Member)