June Newsletter

Alvaston Park


19th June

Very nice weather, lovely Park.  We walked right round the lake, lots of swans & cygnet’s, ducks & ducklings, Moorhen with two tiny babies one pair of Ducks had 9 babies.

Mark took his knitting which was white wool.

2 swans thought it was bread & tried to take it from him, when they realised it wasn’t food they went back to the lake thank goodness.

Kathy went to the Café & had Hot Chocolate & a scone.

Nice walk in the fresh air.


The Gardening Group

Our gardener’s members have increased this year with several new people joining Headway.  We go to the Garden Allotment on a Friday & aim to stay over lunch, but the weather has been so wet some weeks we have had to stay at Headway House.


Group Activities

Birds                     - Gus

Olympics                        - Sam

Rhubarb Jam                   - Julie/Joy/Kathy/Micheal

Baking                            - Julie

Exercise Group               - Tuesday’s

Gardening                       - Friday’s - Ruth


Coffee Morning

 Tuesday 12th June

At Joy Riddle’s Home host’s Mrs Guilfoyle & residents of Leeside.

Neighbours helped a great deal, weather good, everyone very friendly a relaxing atmosphere.  Enjoyed the barbeque, Michoel C brought things from Tom bola lovely Cakes made by Mrs Guilfoyle.

Kathy – it was good, Mum liked the Cakes I bought for her.  Mrs Guilfoyle did the Tom bola.  With Cakes we sold before £350 was raised for Headway.


Compiled by Dave Butler (Headway member) and Joy Riddle (Volunteer)