November News Letter


Newsletter November 2012


The Talk from Doctor M Edworthy

Nov 06-11-2012


He gave an extremely interesting talk about Tiger Moths, a fascinating insight from a brave man who is in a wheelchair -this is inspirational, he didn’t allow his disability to hinder him.


This talk was delivered with humour and frequent references to

“form filling” related to the incidences he described.


He told us of Amy Johnson was only 26 years old when in 1932 she accomplished the solo flight from England to Australia using only a compass for navigation. This was after only a few hours flying experience; she was a good mechanic.


We saw how to start the plane with the propeller, how to get into the cockpit (how he did this with his callipers on) and more slides showed the plane flying upside down, engine parts and the cockpit interiors.  We saw him in the cockpit of the Tiger Moth with a student flying over Derwent Water where Barnes Wallis tested the bouncing bomb, and we saw an aerial view of Chatsworth House.


What a contrast to the aircraft engines Mike Sessions worked on at Rolls Royce.


Nov 09-11-2012


Headway Autumn Fair at St Peters Church Hall. There was a very nice atmosphere with many friends and supporters, we raised £400.  Music was by Ray,Kev and Geoff and dancing with Pete and Michele. Teddy’s name was Sebastian - guessed by Kathy’s mum Michele’s dad won the hamper in the raffle and Stuarts mum Pat was successful, also Phil, Rosie. Joy R (Vol) won guess the weight of the cake 6lb 2ozs.


Gurmit was busy henna painting; Stuart says “Very Good”  

Ruth said the venue was central in Derby and we had several people who dropped in because of that.


Cleaning Up Afternoon – Nov 10- 11- 2012


We held this event on Saturday November 10th, Joe C, Mandy and Megan Pepper, Joy and Tony Walsh, Ken Miles, Claire, Marysia and Ruth cleared the allotment site and had a Bonfire to get rid of all the rubbish, mainly hedge clippings from our ‘Helping Headway Day’ in August.  We planted some ground-cover plants and daffodil bulbs on the bank leading down from the patio - Ruth and Claire ended up planting some in the dark with a torch!! The raised beds were cleared of vegetables and covered, and the greenhouse was cleared out- ready for Spring.


At the end, we had soup and jacket potatoes bedside the fire, thanks to all who came and made this such an enjoyable and successful afternoon.



Nov 13-11-2012


Members, staff and volunteers enjoyed a session at Sinfin Bowling Alley thanks to Mrs Guilfoyle and Joy R (volunteer).


There were lots of strikes and spares scored and Frank was “training” for when he walks his daughter down the aisle for her wedding next year!! High scorers were Ray and Dave, the highest 124 and Joe Coleman 128. An enjoyable occasion- well organised.

We then went to MacDonald’s for refreshments.



By Dave & Joy