Person Centred Planning

Personalisation is underpinned by effective person centred planning.

Person centred thinking affects how organisations continually listen to and learn from their service users or in our case our members. At Headway Derby we wish to focus on what is important to our members now and in the future, and we always want to do this in union with family and friends. The continued success of Headway Derby depends on our ability to work with members, carers and staff to support person centred thinking across the organisation.

Only through the development of person centred planning can we ensure that we can continue to develop the services and support that our members need and deserve. We have a number of person centred tools that help members reflect on their priorities and plans for their life with the support of our staff.

Working in paertnership with our members, the Head Injury Team from London Road Community Hospital and our team of specialist brain injury support workers, we have developed a new person centred development model called 'Rediscovering My Brain Model'. The new Rediscovering My Brain Model enables us to work collaboratively to carefully and intentionally plan specific areas of development for each one of our members and we are now rolling this out to all members through their Key Workers.

If necessary we are available to offer support to individuals requiring assistance or signposting with support planning and brokerage. Please contact us if you wish to find out more about how we work.