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A members day activityHeadway Derby exists to help local brain injured people move forward and have fun!

We want all our members to enjoy the time they spend with us, make new friends and learn from one another. Our friendly staff team are very knowledgeable about brain injury and work hard to provide activities and services that you want – just let us know what you want to do and we’ll try to arrange it.

Our team work especially hard to make new members feel welcome. We encourage new comers to try out services for themselves to understand how we can effectively support brain injured people in Derby.
Many local brain injured people tell us that our services provide an opportunity to regain some independence that they would not otherwise have.

Please read on to see what our current members have had to say about the services we provide:

"Headway Derby has given me my confidence back and has given me the opportunity to meet new people"

Alvin, Headway Derby member

"I would highly recommend it to everyone; its life changing"

Dave, Headway Derby member

"A friendly atmosphere, caring and much appreciated. Make new friends who understand what you are going through"

Michele, Headway Derby member

"A good place to be with good people here. We have good trips and outings. Its a confidence builder bouncing off each other. You couldn’t ask for a better team that runs Headway Derby"

Alex, Headway Derby member

"Out of this world service"

Colin, Headway Derby member


Please contact us to arrange a taster session and find out how we can help you to move forward with the priorities for your life.

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For more information you can download our information sheets:

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