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Third Sector National Response

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) gave evidence to a Gov select committee on Tuesday 31st March 2020, claiming that charities, like Headway Derby are being affected massively by the novel Coronavirus (Covid 19). Their stark warning came with an estimated loss across the charity sector of £4 billion over the current trading quarter; as a direct result of the coronavirus crisis.

The suspension of 'paid for' services, the closure of centres and shops and the cancellation of strategic fundraising activities like the Virgin London Marathon have forced a critical situation among a sector that already lives predominantly hand to mouth, despite being part of the solution rather than a problem to be rectified somewhere down the line. Charities like Headway Derby form a critical, non-clinical pathway between public and health sectors to the communities where our most vulnerable, disadvantaged and isolated citizens live.

So far the UK Gov haven't been able to reach a decision on how the not for profit sector can be helped; and we fully support the work of NCVO in bringing this agenda to the fore.

Headway Derby's Response

We've closed the centre to save lives; it's that simple.

This means we aren't physically seeing any members or their loved ones/carers, nor receiving any member fees at the moment. The much anticipated charity fundraising events like the fantastic Black Tie Ball, the Beau Jangle Parachute Jump and the Virgin London Marathon have also been postponed.

However, despite the challenges we are facing to maintain some level of personal support to our members, and the demanding financial environment our closure has created, we want to communicate to all stakeholders that Headway Derby is #ClosedNotClosed

Over the last two weeks the team have spent time keeping in touch with members and their loved ones, offering support, providing links and numbers to agencies that can help with shopping, medicine etc, provide a listening ear, and offering advice and comfort where we can.

Many of our members are feeling very very anxious and isolated right now and we are taking whatever steps we can to reduce this and help maintain some level of healthy interaction and activity.

This service has been entirely free of charge and we've supported over 100 people in some way through this time. Alongside this we've developed a new range of activities so we can stay 'Together from Home' until we can all return again. These activities are being piloted from today and include weekly:

- 'Together at Home' (Virtual Member Days) ~ bursting with activities from arts and culture through to planting patio baskets, bringing nature into our gardens/window boxes and baking on a budget; delivered through Facebook, zoom and hard copy (sent by post) resource packs and materials.

Main Event: Tuesday mornings - with support throughout the week

Delivered by: Headway Derby Gurmit and Emma Headway Derby, Sara, Rowan, Chris, Ruth, Joy and Headway Derby Rebecca

- Inspirational Women ~ meeting through zoom and whattsapp sessions offering support, friendship, a safe space to discuss life, relationships, coping strategies, self-esteem, moods, anger management, neuro-fatigue, health and well-being and new hobbies/activities.

Main Event: Thursday mornings - with support throughout the week

Delivered by: Headway Derby Rebecca, Julie and Diane

- Morning Movement zoom sessions (2 per week) ~ helping the BI community to stretch, breath and connect with one another through dance and physical activity from their chair.

Main Event: Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings

Delivered by: HeadwayDerby Sara

- Rediscovering My Brain ~ Aim accredited education programme through zoom and resource packs and materials covering a portfolio of developmental themes including motivation, emotional resilience and community life.

Main Event: Monday am and pm sessions, with additional top up group support (when needed) on Thursday

Delivered by Lyn Headway Derby Emma Headway Derby and Diane

- 121 Connection ~ through text, calls, whattsapp and zoom. Checking up on people, discussing their week and helping to form strategies and plans for the week ahead.

Main Event: Fridays

Delivered by: Rebecca, Lyn, Gurmit and Emma

- #Springintoaction ~ month long exercise and activity campaign encouraging brain injured people to engage in movement and actions that could improve mood, circulation, energyu levels and overall health and well-being

Main Event: Daily

Delivered by: Emma Headway Derby


To complement this, we have:

- Set up new social media pages that are private, where colleagues, members and loved ones can independently seek and offer help to one another in a safe space; as well as receiving coordinated, guided activities and conversations to stimulate physical, emotional and cognitive well being.

- Set up new social media profiles (as seen in the descriptions above) to help members find us easily without compromising professional boundaries.

- Introduced monthly Newsletters with updates, news, activity ideas, quizzes, links to useful websites, mindfulness activities, word-searches, meet the team articles and photographs, recipes and art and culture themes to name a few.

- Provided all staff with work phones and computers to support them whilst the work safely from home (previously not all staff required these as adequate resources were available in the centre).

All of these activities align with the charity's Mission and Theory of Change; TO IMPROVE LIFE AFTER BRAIN INJURY.


So, when we're asked what Headway Derby's response to Covid19 is, we're confident that we are doing rather a lot to save lives, stay connected and keep supporting our members through this worrying time.

Thank you for your ongoing support and belief in us, it's truly humbling. Should these pilots run successfully we will be looking to continue them, for those people affected by brain injury who can't get out (post Covid19) but want our support; and we are seeking funds at present to that end.

If you want to refer someone to any of these services please contact mail@headwayderby.org

Whilst the services are being made available freely to existing members, if a new member has the means to fund their care pathway with Headway Derby, the charity would be very grateful. We will not turn anyone away if they do not have the means to contribute to their support though!

N.B. Next Rediscovering my Brain education intake commences in May 2020: subject to funding.

Call to Action

If want to support this work through a personal or corporate donation to Headway Derby you will play a direct role in helping to improve life after brain injury across Derby, Derbyshire and East Staffordshire, and provide hope to those most isolated brain injury survivors even further afield.

If this is something you are interested in, here are the details.


Thank You for taking the time to read this.  



Headway Derby
Colleagues, Members, Families and Partner agencies.

In view of the serious and continuing developments with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in the UK we wanted to provide you with an update.

We are currently open as usual and intend to remain so unless advised otherwise by the UK Government and Public Health England. We are closely following the advice from Public Health England and will respond accordingly. At this point in time public venues are staying open and we would encourage all members to follow the advice given for individuals.

If there are any new developments or changes to our schedule at Headway Derby, we will update our website, social media platforms and try to communicate with those affected as best we can, as quickly as we can.

Members and their loved ones can be assured that we are continuing to take the necessary steps to reduce any risks to member health and wellbeing within our building and allotment at all times.

This is the main government website link for members of the public: https://www.gov.uk/…/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-t…

Headway Derby encouraged by FA heading reports

Headway Derby, alongside Headway has welcomed reports that the Football Association is set to launch new coaching guidelines that will restrict the amount of heading by under-18 players in training.

Newspaper articles claim that the governing body will not ban heading by children, but is expected to recommend a reduction in the amount of times young players head the ball. The FA action is in response to research last year that found professional footballers were 3.5 times more likely to die of degenerative brain disease than the average person.

Sources have told media outlets guidelines are being finalised but are expected to cover players under 18, with different guidance for different ages. If reports are correct, The FA's new guidelines are expected to be issued later this month and will only apply in training and not in matches.

Peter McCabe, Chief Executive of Headway – the brain injury association said: “We are encouraged to hear the Football Association is set to restrict the amount of heading allowed by young players. 

“In light of the recent study undertaken by the University of Glasgow, this is a positive, common sense approach to take. After all, it will not prohibit young people participating in the game or impact their enjoyment.  

“Further research is urgently needed in order to remove any uncertainty about how often a player can head a ball and at what age – if any – it is safe to do so before damage is caused.

“What is clear, however, is that we cannot afford to wait for further evidence to be published before taking action on this.”


Debra Morris, Chair of Headway Derby adds "Headway Derby welcomes any new coaching guidelines introduced to improve the welfare of young players as they go about their sporting activities, both in education settings as well as in the community."

Annual General Meeting 2019

Held Thursday 12th December 2019 10am at The Brain Injury Hub, Suite A Bateman Court, Bateman Street, Derby, DE23 8JQ


Minutes of AGM

Derby Telegraph Business Awards 2019

Winner - Not For Profit category

Sponsored by Sellick Partnership

We are incredibly happy to announce that Headway Derby recently won the prestigious Derby Telegraph Business Awards 2019 in the Sellick Partnership Not For Profit category.

We were so incredibly proud to represent our whole community and wanted to ensure everyone was represented on the night.

Tickets were expensive and outside of our budget but Chair Debra Morris came to our rescue and funded five tickets. This meant that:
were all represented on the night; and what a lovely night it was!

As a traumatic Brain Injury specialist Solicitor who set up the #AffinityLaw Derby office less than a year ago, Debra knows better than most the importance of the work that we do across the region. Thank You Debra x

We have much to do in the year ahead as this is our 25th Anniversary and there will be a number of events throughout the year to celebrate this achievement.

Keep checking back with us to find out about events and how you can either support or attend them

Thank You to all our members - it's a privilege to be part of your journey.

As many of you know by now, we moved to our new Brain Injury Hub in January 2019 and the first six months have been incredibly eventful with new projects being piloted, winning the Derby Telegraph Business Awards 2019, supporting a team of 10 dedicated Headway Derby Staff and Volunteers to complete the Derby 10K, completing a 25km Cycle Ride to raise awareness of the work of the charity; and holding our third Black Tie Ball.

Most recently our Chair Debra, Operations and Development Manager Rebecca, Adult Learning Tutor Emma, and  Comm's Volunteer Katie all took part in an eight week BootCamp with Angela Silver at Nuffield Health and Wellbeing Gym to raise awareness of the challenges faced by brain in jured people in trying to stay motivated and engage in new challenges - from this Emma has decided to throw herself into a huge challenge and on 26th April 2020 she will take part in the Virgin Money London Marathon to raise much needed funds for our work. Well be posting regular progress updates as Emma prepares for the challenge and will share information on how you can get involved by supporting her.

Caring services at HeadwayWe are local organisation and registered charity providing a range of support and development services for brain injured people, their families and carers in Derby and Derbyshire. We aim to provide practical support services to help local people come to terms with life after brain injury. This support extends to a variety of social and developmental activities and training for those who want to know more about brain injury and its affects. We are affiliated to, but separate from, the national brain injury association – Headway UK.

As an organisation we work closely with professionals from the NHS Head Injury team based at London Road Community hospital and Derby City Council. Our committed and experienced staff team are always on hand to offer advice and support on a range of matters regarding brain injury.

We hope you enjoy our website. If you would like to know more about who we are and what we do please contact us - we would love to hear from you.